Manitoba Public Insurance

Five different vehicle crash survivors telling their stories on the dangers of speeding, distracted driving, non-use of seatbelts and impaired driving. The videos were included on Manitoba Public Insurance web site.

Produced in English & French.


MPI Survivor Stories

Dustin was a typical teenager who loved snowboarding, dirt biking, and sports. On the night on December 10, 2010, returning home after going out with friends, he crashed his compact Honda civic into a Chevy Tahoe because he was texting. Luckily none of the people in the Tahoe was seriously injured. When Dustin, then 17, arrived at the hospital, doctors did not think he would make it through the night. He defied the odds and survived but he sustained catastrophic injuries that left him unable to walk. Two years later, Dustin is ready to share his story of how that one text changed his life forever.

Brent tells the poignant story of the fateful night that forever changed his life. At the age of 20, Brent chose to drive impaired and caused a collision that took the life of his friend and critically injured another. Now 26, Brent is still coping with the personal costs and legal consequences of being involved in an impaired driving collision. Brent has been speaking to high school driver education students for two years. He is extremely effective at communicating to youth and making them understand that all it takes is one bad choice to tragically change your life forever.

Nate knows a thing or two about the dangers that exist on the road. He became a quadriplegic at the age of 16 when a van being driven by a friend went through a stop sign and collided with a 1-ton cube van. As the only one of six passengers not wearing a seatbelt, he was the only one to sustain serious injury. Now 27 years old, Nate discusses his life before and after his injury to educate students about the consequences their actions and behaviours on the road can have on themselves and others.

In 2003, Jim was driving home on Hwy 16 with his family. There was a severe thunderstorm and Jim, then 49, had slowed down to below the speed limit. However, an oncoming pickup truck hydroplaned and crossed the centre lane colliding with Jim’s vehicle head on. The driver was neither impaired or speeding at the time of the accident but he was driving too fast for conditions. At the time of the accident, Jim was a Dean at the University of Winnipeg. He suffered a brain injury, sustained catastrophic injuries and has been confined to a wheelchair since.

Anita’s sister, Amutha, was tragically killed by an alleged impaired driver. In the early hours of November 1, 2010, Amutha, 17 years old, was coming home with four friends when an alleged drunk driver crashed into the car she was riding at the corner of St Mary’s Rd and Bishop Grandin Boulevard. Amutha and one friend died on impact; the three other passengers will be forever scarred by injuries and the deep loss of close friends on a night that was supposed to be fun.