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(selected clips) DRIVER EDUCATION. The video is designed to encourage students in driver's education classes to realize that the choices they make may have consequences that could adversely affect their lives in the future.

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. It Only Takes a Moment - Shaken Baby Syndrome. Using a combination of dramatic reenactment, expert testimony and offender interviews, the program explains the danger shaking a baby poses and offers suggestions to deal with the frustration that can lead to it.

Department of National Defense

PHASE - Preventing Harassment and Abuse through Successful Education training video series.
The Sharing Circle.

The aim of the Junior Canadian Ranger program is to provide a structured program for youth, promoting traditional culture and lifestyle, in the remote and isolated communities of northern Canada. Over 1500 Junior Rangers, organized into 60 patrols across Canada, come together in their respective communities, once a week to learn youth ranger skills, traditional skills and life skills.

As a youth service organization, the JCR program has a responsibility to ensure that young people participating in the program can learn and develop in a respectful and safe environment, protected from all forms of harassment and abuse. A key element of the educational program is a series of vignettes demonstrating unacceptable and/or acceptable behaviors having to do with peer harassment and the sensitive issue of child abuse.





It Only Takes a Moment – Shaken Baby Syndrome



“The Sharing Circle” JOE

Trained facilitators use the vignettes to introduce the JCR’s to the topic and initiate a discussion of the issues. The broad goals of the educational program are to teach the JCR’s – Respect for themselves and others – To recognize various forms of peer harassment and child abuse – To speak out and seek help when they are treated inappropriately – That there is help available, and others like themselves have been able to turn their lives around.

The series received four nominations at the Manitoba Film and Video awards, winning two.

Quote from G.L. Garnett, Vice-Admiral, Department of National Defence: “The video most certainly leaves a lasting impression in the minds of viewers and sends a powerful message on the effects of harassment and abuse. We are extremely pleased.”

“The Sharing Circle” PETER


“The Sharing Circle” PAM


“The Sharing Circle” JASON